What cocktail making accessories do I need?

Before you take delivery of your first Muddlebox, we recommend you have at the very least basic cocktail making accessories. This includes a shaker, a strainer (sometimes built into the shaker) and a citrus squeezer/juicer.

In addition, you’ll also require standard household items such as glassware, spoons and something to measure liquid with such as a measuring jug or cup. Most of the ingredients in our cocktail boxes are provided in the right quantity but things such as fruit juice are only provided in certain size bottles. Furthermore, a small number of our cocktails require the use of a blender.

Not all our cocktails require cocktail making accessories. In fact, some of our cocktails require no accessories whatsoever.

Each recipe card within a Muddlebox details the required accessories and if you’re purchasing a one-off cocktail box, each product page will list the equipment needed to make the cocktail.

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