How do the preference sliders work?

Our preference sliders are designed to give you an opportunity to tell us, in general terms, what type of cocktails you prefer before taking out a subscription. If there’s any specific ingredient typically found in cocktails that you don’t like or are allergic to, please use the “order notes (optional)” box at the checkout or our contact form to let us know.

Once you tell us what type of cocktails you prefer, we’ll try our best to only send you cocktails we think you’ll like. However, please note that there’s still no guarantee you’ll like every cocktail we send but hopefully by telling us your preferences we will reduce the risk of this happening.

Before completing our preference sliders, please bear the following in mind:

  • Submission of a set of preferences is completely optional.
  • If you want greater variation to your subscription then we advise not submitting preferences or alternatively, leave as many sliders as possible in the neutral/middle position.
  • By providing us with preferences, you may be reducing the range of our cocktails which we can send you.
  • If you submit very narrow and specific preferences, we may not have many cocktails which would be suitable for you. In this case, we would strongly advise you to purchase one-off boxes from our shop instead.
  • Some combinations of preferences simply don’t go together e.g. fruity using whisky, long cocktails using whisky etc.
  • As people’s tastes tend to change in the long term rather than the short term, we are only able to accept one set of preferences from each customer (but we can remove those preferences if requested).
  • Please be careful if you’re testing our preferences form as these may end up being matched to your subscription. Each morning we go through all the submitted preferences and match these up to all new orders. If you’ve submitted preferences more than once before signing up, we’ll use the last version submitted.

We’ll use your preferences in the following way:

  • The base spirits you choose carry the greatest weight in deciding what cocktail to send, followed by the sliders which are furthest from the neutral/middle position.
  • Therefore, we’ll start your subscription with the cocktails which best match all your preferences from our range. Once you’ve received these, we’ll then move to cocktails which match some of your preferences. Finally, we’ll start sending cocktails which contain the base spirits you like regardless of other preferences.

Please note that if you’re completing the preference sliders for the first time after you’ve subscribed, please make sure you are logged in to our site otherwise we may not be able to match your preferences to your account.

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