How do I customise my subscription?

In order to individually tailor your subscription, we encourage you to complete our quick and easy preference sliders. Once you tell us what type of cocktails you prefer, we’ll try our best to only send you cocktails we think you’ll like. However, please note that there’s still no guarantee you’ll like every cocktail we send but hopefully by telling us your preferences we will reduce the risk of this happening. In addition, if you have any special dietary requirements or allergies, please tell us using the “order notes (optional)” box at the checkout.

Don’t worry if you haven’t completed the preference sliders. It’s completely optional. Some subscribers choose not to complete it in order to have access to our full range of cocktails and to receive a more varied range of cocktails. However, by telling us your preferences you will be reducing the range of our cocktails available to you but don’t worry, we should still have plenty of suitable cocktails for you to try, provided your preferences are realistic. Some combinations simply just don’t go together. For example, creamy & sour,  fruity using whisky or creamy using whisky, to name but a few.

We’ll start your subscription with the cocktails which best match all your preferences. Once you’ve received these, we’ll then move to cocktails which match some of your preferences. Finally, we’ll start sending cocktails which contain the base spirits you like regardless of other preferences.

You can complete the preference sliders whenever you want, as often as you want. We’ll always disregard any previous version and use the last version as the basis for deciding which cocktails to send.

Please note that if you’re completing the preference sliders after you’ve subscribed, please make sure you are logged in to our site otherwise we may not be able to match your preferences to your account. If you are not logged in we will only be able to see the IP address of the device which was used to complete the form. As a result, this could be different to the IP address associated to your original order.

Unfortunately our preference sliders were originally set up before we offered gift subscriptions and have yet to be adapted to be fully compatible with gift subscriptions. However, if you’ve purchased a subscription as a gift and you are not able to complete the preference sliders on behalf of your recipient, the recipient will either have to: a) create an account with us (they must add their name and address to the account) and then complete the preference sliders or; b) complete the preference sliders and then contact us to tell us who they are and that they just told us their preferences. Unfortunately without doing either of the above we will just receive some preferences and an IP address and it will be impossible to know who just completed the form.

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