Does a Muddlebox contain fresh fruit and cream?

Fresh fruit:

Yes. We firmly believe that freshly squeezed juice tastes better in a cocktail therefore some, but not all, of our cocktail boxes contain fresh fruit. Due to their perishable nature it’s important that you enjoy cocktails containing fruit as soon as possible.

Please note that all fruit is purchased on the day your cocktail box is shipped. The fruit is handpicked for freshness by our team so that you receive the fruit in the best possible condition.

We currently only provide lemons, limes and passion fruits for cocktails which require them. Unfortunately we do not provide fruit to garnish your cocktails as the suggested garnishes are only optional. Furthermore, some of the suggested garnishes are fruit which quite simply would not survive the journey to you.

We can not be held responsible if the fruit in your cocktail has gone bad because you were not able to accept delivery at the first time of asking or you were not able to attend your local Royal Mail delivery office to collect your box in a timely manner. Therefore it is your responsibility to apply your own judgement and common sense as to whether our products will be suitable for you.


No. We used to provide miniature UHT single cream pots in our boxes but we have been unable to source these over the past few years as many dairies appear to have stopped producing them. Unfortunately it’s not possible for us to send fresh cream in the post therefore for cocktails requiring cream, you will be required to provide your own.

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