I have an allergy. Is Muddlebox suitable for me?

We strongly advise that you contact us and provide details of your allergy before purchase. This will give us the opportunity to discuss whether our products will be suitable for you. Failing this please notify us of any allergies or dietary requirements using the “Order Notes (Optional)” box at the checkout.

Please note that we re-bottle alcohol. The equipment used is washed thoroughly before changing product however, the same equipment is used for re-bottling all types of spirits and liqueurs.

In terms of nut allergies, we use Beefeater London Dry Gin (almonds) for all our gin based cocktails. In addition, we also use Frangelico (Hazelnuts), Disaronno Amaretto (almonds) and Southern Comfort (tree nuts) in some of our Muddleboxes.

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