Mezclar Stemmed Mixing Glass

  • Durable glass
  • Cut glass design effect
  • Pouring lip
  • Short stemmed base
  • Volume: 650ml
  • Size: 15.5cm x 9.5cm x 9.5cm
  • Weight: 495g


A mixing glass is a glass or metal container which is used for stirring and mixing drinks over ice. Traditionally a drink is then strained from the mixing glass using a julep strainer tilted at an angle.

This cut glass design effect mixing glass is durable and features a pouring lip. In addition, it has a short stem and base at the bottom allowing you to secure the mixing glass with one hand whilst stirring with the other.

Mezclar, meaning “mix” in Spanish, is Beaumont’s range of high-end cocktail tools, hand picked for quality, style, sophistication and elegance.


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