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Muddlebox is a home cocktail tasting subscription experience like no other. Unlike other online cocktail subscription services, we give you greater choice and control. In addition, unlike some other cocktail clubs we don’t expect you to have to pay for multiple boxes in advance. Instead, with Muddlebox you only pay per box. This means you don’t have to fork out large amounts of money for multiple boxes in advance.

And here’s why you get greater choice with Muddlebox:

  • First, you decide what type of cocktails you would like to try by telling us your preferences, using our quick and easy preference sliders.
  • Next, you choose how often you want to try each cocktail. You have the choice between weekly, fortnightly and monthly.
  • Finally, you tell us how many people are trying each cocktail. We provide boxes for one to four people. We’ll then send you all the ingredients you need to make one cocktail for your chosen amount of people.

It’s as simple as that so what are you waiting for? Join our cocktail club now.

We provide the right amount of ingredients to make one cocktail for your requested number of people. In addition, each box contains a recipe card complete with easy-to-follow instructions on how to make the cocktail. The only thing you’ll need are the optional garnishes, ice, glassware and some basic cocktail making accessories.

Yes. Some cocktails require lime or lemon juice and we believe freshly squeezed juice tastes better. Therefore, some Muddleboxes will include lemons or limes. Due to their perishable nature it’s important that you enjoy these cocktails as soon as possible therefore we highly recommend that your delivery address is somewhere an adult will be present to accept delivery.

Before you take delivery of your first Muddlebox, we recommend you have at the very least basic cocktail making accessories. This includes a shaker, a strainer (sometimes built into the shaker), a blender, a citrus squeezer and an ice crusher. We sell all of these in our shop.

Not all our Muddleboxes require cocktail making accessories. In fact, some of our Muddleboxes require no accessories whatsoever.

Each recipe card within a Muddlebox details the required accessories.

A one person Muddlebox costs £9.00, a two person Muddlebox costs £14.00 (£7.00 per drink), a three person Muddlebox costs £18.00 (£6.00 per drink) and a four person Muddlebox costs £21.00 (£5.25 per drink).

So, the larger the Muddlebox you purchase, the better value it becomes.

All prices are inclusive of standard delivery and VAT.

We use Royal Mail therefore we can deliver to all addresses in the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland. We do not deliver to addresses outside the United Kingdom.

Purchases made on a working day before 12pm from our shop are usually despatched that very day. As a result, orders received after 12pm will be despatched the following working day.

All our prices include free standard delivery. Standard delivery is by Royal Mail 48. This is a tracked service. Royal Mail will aim to deliver your order within 2 working days, with the minority within 3 working days.

Need your item quicker? Upgrade to faster delivery at checkout and your item will be sent using Royal Mail 24. This is also a tracked service. Royal Mail will aim to deliver these orders the next working day.

Please note that delivery make take longer during busy periods such as in the lead up to Christmas.

Probably not.

Our Muddleboxes are too big to fit a standard letterbox. Therefore we highly recommend that your delivery address is somewhere an adult will be present to accept delivery. For example, a place of work.

Subscription payments are taken automatically using the card details you provide when you subscribe. All payments are taken in line with your subscription frequency choice as follows:

  • Weekly subscribers – the same day each week. For example, if you sign up on a Tuesday your card will be debited every Tuesday.
  • Fortnightly subscribers – the same day every other week. For example, if you sign up on a Saturday your card will be debited every other Saturday.
  • Monthly subscribers – the same date each month. For example, if you sign up on the 24th of a month your card will be debited on the 24th of each subsequent month.

Your next payment date can be found within the My Account area.

Once your payment has been made we’ll send you your Muddlebox as per our delivery timeframes.



Whether you’re new to cocktail making or consider yourself a seasoned expert, we want Muddlebox to appeal to everyone with an interest in making and tasting cocktails at home. Therefore, we’ve assigned each cocktail a difficulty rating so you can decide if you have the skill level required to make the cocktail. Here’s a lowdown on what to expect from each difficulty rating:

1 star – simply involves pouring, shaking, stirring or blending ingredients together;

2 star – will take longer to prepare than 1 star drinks and may involve layering (and a steady hand)

3 star – the hardest drinks to make. Typically take a bit longer to make or the layering is trickier. Don’t be surprised if the finished cocktail doesn’t look exactly like it should.

Of course.

You can purchase a subscription as a gift here. During checkout simply enter a different shipping address to your billing address and we’ll send the Muddleboxes directly to your intended recipient.

In addition, you can purchase a one-off Muddlebox as a gift from our shop.

We’re sorry you wish to cancel your subscription but we do understand and want to make it as easy as possible for you to cancel. To cancel simply go to My Account and click the “cancel my subscription” button.

Please note that you must cancel your subscription before your next payment is due. Further information on when your next payment is due can be found here.

Hopefully this won’t happen but as Muddlebox is a cocktail tasting experience, you may not enjoy all the cocktails.

When you subscribe we recommend you complete our preference sliders so that we can tailor your experience to suit you.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a refund or replacement if you don’t like the cocktail. However, please tell us if you don’t like the cocktail and we’ll make sure that you don’t receive it, or similar cocktails, again.

We’re very sorry to hear this.

All our Muddleboxes are sent via a tracked service from Royal Mail. In addition, all glass bottles are individually enclosed in bubble wrap bags for extra protection. As a result, a Muddlebox going missing or getting damaged is a very rare occurence. However, despite trying our utmost to make sure that your Muddlebox arrives safe and sound, once your Muddlebox is shipped we have little control as to what happens with it after that.

Please get in touch and we’ll aim to solve the problem with you as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

In order to individually tailor your subscription, we encourage you to complete our quick and easy preference sliders. Once you tell us what type of cocktails you prefer, we’ll try our best to only send you cocktails we think you’ll like. Don’t worry if you haven’t completed it. It’s completely optional. Some subscribers choose not to complete it in order to have access to our full range of cocktails.

You can complete the preference sliders whenever you want, as often as you want. We’ll always disregard any previous version and use the last version as the basis for deciding which cocktails to send.

Please note that if you’re completing the preference sliders after you’ve subscribed, please make sure you are logged in to our site otherwise we may not be able to match your preferences to your account.

In addition, if you have any special dietary requirements or allergies, please tell us using the “order notes (optional)” box at the checkout.

We strongly advise that you contact us and provide details of your allergy before purchase. This will give us the opportunity to discuss whether our products will be suitable for you. Failing this please notify us of any allergies or dietary requirements using the “Order Notes (Optional)” box at the checkout.

Please note that we re-bottle alcohol. The equipment used is washed thoroughly before changing product however, the same equipment is used for re-bottling all types of spirits and liqueurs.

In terms of nut allergies, we use Beefeater London Dry Gin (almonds) for all our gin based cocktails. In addition, we also use Frangelico (Hazelnuts), Disaronno Amaretto (almonds) and Southern Comfort (tree nuts) in some of our Muddleboxes.

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