A great recipe and good quality spirits are key to making a delicious cocktail, but there are a few tools of the trade that come in handy too.


It's all in the glass

Although you can serve a cocktail in almost anything,  there are good reasons why some cocktails are served in specific shaped glasses. To provide you with stems, so your warm hands don't heat up your drink, to help let the aromas reach your nose or, in the case of champagne flutes, to encourage a regular stream of bubbles.

Investing in quality glassware helps give your drinks that extra lift, as well as looking beautiful.

Cocktail Glasses
Cocktail shakers

Shake it up baby

Shakers come in a mass of shapes and sizes, but at their most basic allow you to mix drinks together whilst you chill them.

Whether you choose a traditional metal shaker, or the two part Boston shaker, it's really personal choice, but owning a good cocktail shaker will help you mix and strain your cocktails easily, and make it easier to serve your drinks at the right temperature.

We've got a great range of cocktail accessories that will help you make sure that your drinks always turn our perfectly!

Here are a few of our favourites: